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2nd Annual Grand FUNdo

WHAT A DAY!  Easily one of the best moments of my career was last weekend when we had over 300 people come out to support our charity event – The Grand FUNdo!  Putting on an event like this is a different feeling of accomplishment than winning or placing well in an event. It’s something that takes a lot of hard work. Everything about the ride is for the right reasons. That’s not to say that racing isn’t, but it’s different when your thinking about racing and giving a 110% of yourself to gain results for yourself, your goals and your sponsors.

This event is a complete 180 from that. It’s not a race, but similar to racing, I gave absolutely every bit of energy I could to it  I went to sleep at night laying in bed shattered from working so hard. But the reward from all of that work was worth it when I was able to see so many people enjoying themselves. It was great to have people out riding bikes on one of my favorite routes and then coming back to have lunch / dinner with my friends and seeing everyone laughing and having FUN on a cherished Saturday of the quickly disappearing summer.

One of my favorite moments of the event is when a rider, Kirby from Albany, crashed and had to go to the hospital but CAME BACK after getting the okay that nothing was broken and told me he had a blast and wished he could have finished.

Kirby – be on the lookout for a new helmet we’re going to replace for you in the mail in the next week or two.

The amount of thank you I need to give to everyone who helped Alec, Mukunda and I make this event happen is so long, but I’m going to try and do it.

Every rider on the J.A.M / NCC team that came out to help/volunteer: Jeremy, Sean, Shaun, Shawn, Francis, Brad, Mike, Danny V (and his lady), Anthony, Nicky Q (and his mom), Busa, Julie and Jake… thank you

Mukunda’s Family, Al’s Family, My family, my uncle Shawn.

A HUGEEE thank you to my aunt Kristen and my mom who worked tirelessly at both rest stops 1 & 3!!! Thank you for kicking butt and making it happen ALL day!!

The women of the Ice Cream truck: Kathryn, Emily and Kylie – THANK YOU!

Ed and Mary Hamel who gave us their amazing property for the last two years, Thank you!

All the pro’s that came out to help and to ride.  Phil Gaimon, Brad Huff, Emerson Orante, Timmy J & Justin Lindine, THANK YOU guys.

Molly from El Jardin Bakery Thank you!

My good friend Mike and his girlfriend Louri who came and took pictures for everyone, Thank you!

Brian D and Brook for making the long trek!

The Southampton, Massachusetts police department for keeping us safe getting out of town!

And definitely not last, and certainly not least, thank you to my pal Kelly for driving up the ice cream truck!

Thank you to all the sponsors too who donated time, energy and products for our event and for our raffle.

Kenda, SRAM, FOCUS Bikes, Rapha, Crank Brothers, Jelly Belly, Gatorade, Cyclocrossworld.com, Mad Alchemy, Bikereg.com, Phit PIlls and Stomach of Anger for getting our SICKWHAT! t-shirts done for the event.

I cannot thank you guys enough.  There were SO MANY PEOPLE that made this event happen.  Volunteers, Sponsors, Friends, Family… now that I’ve had a some time to catch up on sleep and think about what happened on Saturday, I’m extremely proud of everyone involved. Thank you again and see you all again next year!


  1. Are the pictures/videos posted anywhere? It was a fantastic event! Thanks!!