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Jeremy Talks Worlds and the Season Overall


Jeremy finished 47th in Hoogerheide at the last World Cup of the season, and with less than four days until the World Championship race in Luxembourg, he’s ready for the final race of the season to be a successful one.

After an injury-plagued few months of racing, Jeremy says that he’s feeling good again, and proud of what the team has accomplished this year. “In the World Cup in Rome, my race didn’t go perfectly—there were a lot of crashes in the first lap, and it wasn’t ideal. I was pretty bummed out to go that far and not have a decent result. It was a good course for me, but I didn’t anticipate so many people on course and having a tough first lap. That first lap set me back about two minutes and I never recovered,” he says.

But after a week of training in Europe, Hoogerheide was a cleaner race for him. “I think if I’d done a bit differently in the first two laps, I would have made the selection that was ahead of me. I was a couple seconds short each lap of making the front group, and it’s not as bad as it has been,” he says. “That’s good for right now, and I’m taking small victories where I can get them, since it hasn’t been a great lead from Nationals to now.”


Teammate Ellen Noble took the U23 World Cup Series win after Hoogerheide, and Jeremy says that her progress this season has been fantastic. “She’s had great results this season—we worked as a great unit, we worked well together, we traveled well together, and we had some great results between the two of us.”

“When I look at the team and how it functions, I’m so proud of that,” he adds. “Having incredible sponsors that make it possible for us to race at this level is great, and seeing Ellen get that title in her first year, as well as sixth overall in the Elite Women’s Series, plus a fifth place in the World Cup in Iowa means so much to me.”


The Aspire Racing team heads to Luxembourg tomorrow, and Jeremy is ready to roll. “I’m optimistic about Worlds, I hope that I can put together a decent result that I’m happy with, even if that’s 30th,” he says. “If I can do a decent race on the technical, challenging course, I’ll be happy. After that, I have one more race in Tokyo before I’m done with the season.”

Make sure you’re watching at 3PM CET on Sunday for the Elite Men’s race!