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Are You Alive?


I am alive and well! Thanks for coming by and taking the time to read my blog! The trees are popping here in Western Massachusetts and the weather is perfect. It’s over 60 degrees with bright sunshine everyday as far as the ten day forecast can see!

I’ll back up and answer a couple of quick questions: Where have you been? After Tokyo, I got pretty sick with a stomach virus called norovirus. It knocked me down for than 10 days, then I picked up a sinus infection and then a head cold. It was rough.

I’d get back on the bike and I would get sick again. It was a little brutal to be sick all of February and through the beginning of March.

Being sick for such a long time pushed my training back a bit which, in turn, pushed back my racing schedule. So, while I usually start racing late April with Jelly Belly, my first races with the guys this year will be a couple weeks later at the Tour de Grove starting on May 9th, in my brother from another, Brad Huff’s, neighborhood.

While all that happened, I’ve been working on my future cyclocross program, our JAM Fund program, our charity event on Sunday July 21st, the Grand Fundo, a new video project for the cross’ season and a whole bunch of other stuff!!


Since my training got pushed back, I was able to join my friend Tim Johnson on his Ride on Washington last week! I learned a lot about advocacy, had a great time, got in some big miles and really enjoyed my time riding from Boston to Washington, DC, for People for Bikes.

I met a lot of really talented, great people out on the route. Fans came out and supported the event with a party after each leg of the journey in each different city. Because we weren’t in a racing environment, and it didn’t matter if I was on my legs, I had a lot of great conversations and got to hang out every night.

The entire event reminded me of why I love riding (not racing). The community of people that cycling engages and connects with is different than any other sport I know of. So with that feeling in the air and the life of the ride being about advocacy, the entire experience was awesome.

I’ve got some nice photo’s here I’d like to share from my Instagram account:




Lastly, if you’re able to help me reach my goal of $2500, please make a donation via my Ride on Washington Page!

I look forward to seeing you at our Grand Fundo, the best day you’ll ever have on a bike, in July! This year, we’ve added another distance – the 38 mile Mini Fundo – so everyone can come out and enjoy. It’s still pretty hard, but you’ll get back home sooner than if you were on the Fundo route! We’ve also got a bigger and better raffle coming your way, and we’re giving away a pair of my cyclocross bikes from last year! Come on out and join us, it’s going to be amazing! Registration is open now, so sign up today!

Thanks for reading, be safe out there riding and remember to obey the stop lights, stop signs, ride two abreast and single file where needed. Remember, you represent a community every time you put your leg over a bike and go out on a ride, so you speak for all of us! Enjoy the roads! The weather is great and I hope I see you out there!


  1. Thanks for the update on your adventures!!!
    Looking forward to your racing schedule so my riding buddies
    and I can come out and cheer you on. Are you in
    Happy Valley (Penn State) again this year?

  2. Hey, I was at the “mixer” in NYC on the UWS, but I missed seeing you and Tim was busy with people chatting. I enjoy your videos, career and your love for cycling. I thought your comment about seeing the trees bloom more and more as you rolled further south was a good observation. As you know it has been a real brutal Winter Temp-wise and it takes much to get out and Ride. I would come to the Grand Fundo, but I will be in Paris at the Tour that Day. Next year and hope to see you this CX season. Keep up the great ambassadorship for cycling.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.