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In 2010, Jeremy Powers and longtime friend Sam Smith, created a ground breaking online video series titled ‘Behind THE Barriers.’ The series followed Jeremy as he traveled to races across the U.S. and around the world. The goal of ‘Behind THE Barriers’ was for fans to experience the life of a professional cyclist through Jeremy Powers’ eyes. After several successful seasons of ‘Behind THE Barriers’, Jeremy and Sam decided to expand into broader coverage of the U.S cyclocross racing scene, and BTB TV was born.

Starting in September, BTB TV releases daily content and runs for the entire U.S cyclocross season. BTB TV offers professional quality race coverage, commentary, rider interviews, and a behind-the-scenes look into the teams and personalities of cyclocross. In its first season, BTB TV was broadcast to over 250,000 unique viewers and generated over 3.5 million impressions. The weekly show line-up includes:

  • BTB TV Presents: A rebroadcast of the weekend’s biggest races
  • Who’s #1: Host Colt McElwaine ranks top cyclocross racers
  • How The Race Was Won: An in-depth look at key racing strategy with host Cosmo Catalano
  • Cross Talk: Sit-down interviews with cyclocross’ most interesting racers, coaches, and personalities
  • What’s Good: Gear, equipment, and technology analysis
  • Roundtable: Expert discussion of hot topics and racing

Cyclocross is the fastest growing racing segment in the United States. Mixed terrain, urban courses provide the perfect setting for both participation, and spectating. Events start with amateur races in the morning and finish with the professional men’s and women’s races later in the day. The family friendly atmosphere, easy to understand racing format, and accessibility to the top riders in the sport makes cyclocross an excellent sport for fans of all ages and abilities.

BTB TV is a project born out of passion and determination, aimed at growing the cyclocross community through stories, images, and personalities. At its core BTB TV is a cyclocross media company, comprised of like-minded employees and partners seeking to support the event promoters, athletes, and to ultimately grow the sport through high-quality video coverage.