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The dream comes to life – Behind THE Barriers TV

Hi Friends! Hopefully many of you have heard, we’re expanding our Behind The Barriers shows for this season. We’ve been crushing it behind the scenes to get this project to lift-off. That time is now.


BTB-TV’s vision is to change this sport for the good and to create a place that is healthy for promoters, advertisers, riders, fans and sponsors. I see BTB-TV as the biggest contribution to discipline I’m capable of right now. Thats why we created the original Behind THE Barriers show and thats the reason for this new exciting addition to the BTB family.

I feel everyone deserves better coverage of cyclocross this fall. Last year, after Madison when we had no coverage, everyone was disapointed. My sponsors, my family, friends and fans. Couple that with the fact that when I’m busting my hump at our Grand FUNdo to make sure the riders on our JAM fund program have enough money to enter races. I also want them to come into a sport thats healthily. I want them to have a place, have coverage and sponsorship oppurtunities. Simply I want a healthy sport.

When the event organizers are bending over backwards to put events on. I want them to have a show they can give to their sponsors and say “This is what we did with your sponsorship, this is what we created”

When all those thoughts were put on paper on a long plane ride home from Tokyo last year. We came up with BTB-TV.

BTB-TV @BTBcxTV on twitter / is going to provide five shows, every single day of the week starting tomorrow at 12 noon EST.

Monday will be our original Behind THE Barriers show from the previous weekends event. (our first EP drops tomorrow! 9/12!)

Tuesday is real entertainment – a show you all love and wait for every week! Whos #1 with our pal, Colt McElwaine. (our first EP drops Friday 9/13!)

Wednesday is our race coverage from the weekends racing drilled down into a sub 40 minute recap show of all the best racing highlights, features, interviews and insight from commentators like Colt McElwaine, Richard Fries, Mike Creed, Kelly Minx Riordan and even…Bob Roll

Thursday we’re working with another good friend of mine, Cosmo Catalano to provide his signature show “How the race was won” If you haven’t seen his show, take a gander over to google and get ready for a short action packed, snarky, funny show about the best “moments” from each race.

Friday is our new ‘weekend preview’ show. Colt will get everyone up to speed on the weekends upcoming events: Everything from what the weather is doing, twitter handles to follow along, hashtags, current standings in the respective series and how to have the best weekend possible if your attending!

Our entire schedule for this fall’s coverages can be found here: http://www.behindthebarriers.tv/schedule/

Behind the barriers is our roots, our show attracted millions of views from over 150 countries – it brought people out to venues who otherwise wouldn’t of have been there or known of cyclocross. I feel proud of what we’re doing this season with Behind The Barriers-TV.

The crew at Behind The Barriers was hand picked for their passion of this sport. Every person in our organization is here for the right reasons and we’re committed to the riders, up and coming riders, fans, potential fans, sponsors and potential sponsors to create reliable, professional coverage of cyclocross and create an entertainment venue for everyone that stands the test of time.

Now I’d like to tell you all where I see the state of cyclocross in the USA- In a tough economic climate. Cyclocross is still very much alive and well. It’s better then ever in fact. In my journey of finding a new contract last February, I had a hard time with the world championships in the USA being history and the USGP falling away, poor coverage of last years events, dropped live feeds, broken promises and an overall lack of coverage made those potential sponsor conversations much harder for me and others. As an owner of a business, I can agree with those companies, its much safer to stand back and see what happens.

But, in a post USGP year. I feel cyclocross in the USA is in a better place then we’ve ever been.

Heres why: USAC created the PRO-CX calendar. They put triple points on the C-1 races to reward the organizers of those events, and USAC has guaranteed those promoters media coverage as well.

By the USGP falling away, it puts the independent organizers, back in prime time and if one event falls away moving forward, our entire USA ‘calendar’ isn’t gone.

By putting the PRO-CX calendar in place that points the top talent of riders to those events. USAC also put $40,000 into an overall for the ‘PRO-CX’ calendar title. Equal payout for men and women gives riders, fans and media a calendar to follow and strive to do well in.

I see USAC’s commitment to CX very clearly here and I’m excited to try and win that that PROCX title this season.

Add in the guaranteed free coverage we’ve created w/ BTB-TV, our partnerships with existing media companies that you all know and use, I feel that I can now personally guarantee coverage isn’t going to be an issue this season and instead I can tell you it’s going to be top notch. There won’t be a story from a weekend this Fall that goes un-told.

That kind of environment in comparison to other years is what I’m excited about. All the best riders in the same place, at the same time. Reliable, professional coverage from those events creates a professional sport where everyone can be happy.

This type of media inspires the next generation of cross’ riders. From a business perspective our model creates an environment that is safe, mature and sustainable. CX in years past has been doing a little bit of a smoke and mirrors dance truthfully. We’re coming down to reality now and this is the plan BTB has to help the sport to the best place it can.

I want to thank our entire crew, Especially Sam and Jake for all their help in making this dream come to reality.

We’re looking forward to seeing you guys at the events you can make it out to and bringing you guys the best possible coverage cx coverage for the ones you can’t be at.

We hope you’ll all join us on Behindthebarriers.tv this season and thank you for reading,



  1. This is AWESOME NEWS! BEST NEWS ALL DAY! PROLLY ALL WEEK! Good to hear your opinion on the scene! Good luck with the opening of the show! If you all need some help with the Mid Atlantic scene I am ready to put my camera face on for some work!


  2. We’re super psyched to have an awesome partner in the mission to bring awesome cyclocross coverage to the people. Comprehensive web and in-depth print/digital content from Cyclocross Magazine and great video from BTB means racers and fans never had it better! And we’re psyched to bring the BTB content to our readers this season!

  3. Super psyched to have new CX content on tap daily!

    I just finished watching the last episode of season 3 last week and was going through a bit of withdrawal. Hopefully I’ll catch up with some of your crew at StarCrossed!

  4. Hi folks. My name is Ralph and I would just like to know where exactly will all your shows air? Will it be here on jpows.com or on some other link. I see twitter for daily shows,google for “how the race was won”,Colts who’s #1 is where? That goes for all the races and BTB episodes as well, where will they be shown? I love cross and have seen every season of BTB on cyclingdirt.com, so I am very excited for this seasons shows. Thank you for your time and great luck to you all in this endeavor. Sincerely,Ralph.