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Excited to bring back Behind THE Barriers Aspire Racing Edition!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the new show! Before we get this kicked off, I wanted to write a couple words to go along with the story. First, thank you for taking the time to be here right now reading this, Since the show ended three seasons ago, I would get messages, a couple per week, asking me to paaahhlleeeeeeaasssee, bring back BTB!!  I pushed to make this happen and I couldn’t have done it with out our incredible sponsors saying YES! So I owe them a huge thank you and I hope through out the season you can also thank them for supporting this on whatever platform you use, email, social media or just simply – buying their products.  Secondly, I want to thank Sam Smith, my pal who helped start this show with me many moons ago, for giving the green light to use this name and format again, in a different life than its old one… but to keep consistency for all the fans of the show. This BTB, is different than the old one, because… we’re different, but a lot is the same too. We’re getting our feet wet with new crew in front of the camera, behind the camera and editing, etc. Lastly, I want to thank my teammates, Ellen Noble and Spencer Petrov for agreeing to be a part of this show and putting themselves out there for everyone to see.  I hope you take this ride with us for the entire season and enjoy the content. I enjoy documenting all the stories that happen through out the year and I love doing this for everyone, to continue to grow the sport, for myself and family to look back on and for the future generations to hopefully learn a couple things from our mistakes and triumphs.  Enjoy the pace of this EP introducing the crew for this year and we’ll be back with another EP next week from Rochester, NY – where things won’t be as laid back! Ride safe and have fun.