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The JAM Cycling Foundation

JAM is a comprehensive year-round program with a mission to lower the financial barriers within the sport of cycling and to develop athletes who are true ambassadors of the sport. As a 501c3 non-profit organization, our activities are made possible through corporate sponsorships and the support of individual donors. Year-round activities include three primary areas of focus and foster a holistic program that supports aspiring cyclists on a variety of levels.

  • Grants

    Over the course of the year we give out several grants to worthy applicants. Grants are primarily cash based and may include equipment, clothing and/or coaching. Applicant selection is based upon financial need and a personal essay about the applicant’s cycling goals. Grants are funded through the annual Grand Fundo event, held in July.

  • An Elite Racing Program

    Our elite racing team gives athletes a chance to race at the highest levels and provides the perfect springboard for a professional cycling career. During the spring and summer, our program races a full road season in the Northeast with some extended travel to selected national calendar events.

    In the fall and winter we run one of the most successful development programs for Cylocross. In 2013 we were the only non-professional team to put two riders in the top 15 at cyclocross Nationals and again in early 2014 when we put two riders in the top 10 of the US PRO-CX rankings. Needless to say, this is a program that gives young development riders and grant recipients something to aspire to.

  • Community Work and Cycling Events

    Helping out is part of our athlete’s responsibilities. We partner with local clubs and organizations to help promote cycling and take part in things like the Northampton Cycling Club’s Youth Cyclocross series. It’s a great way to turn a recovery day into a helpful and inspiring day for young children. Our athletes are also asked to participate in local club group rides and to organize inclusive training days where club members are invited to join in and no one is left behind. Our athletes learn more about the sport and cycling community by helping with all aspects of our events. These events include: our Intro to Road Racing Clinic, Montague training Crits series, JAM Grand Fundo, Cyclocross Clinic, Cycle-Smart International Cross Race.

It’s an ambitious program and it takes a tremendous amount of support, energy and work. We believe that we aren’t just bringing riders into the sport and running a racing program, we are developing individuals who are well-rounded athletes and are prepared to move our sport forward. JAM riders may turn into professional cyclists like JAM alum Jeremy Durrin or JAM riders may choose to advocate for the sport as event promoters or devoted supporters and fans.

Whatever the future, we prioritize having fun, riding bikes and giving young people the opportunity to do the same!