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Jeremy 32nd at World Championships, Teammate Ellen Noble Takes Silver Medal


The dust has settled from Cyclocross World Championships in Luxembourg this weekend, and the Aspire Racing team is back in the US after an eventful few weeks. Jeremy finished up with a 32nd place in the Elite Men’s race, while U23 Woman and teammate Ellen Noble scored the silver medal in her race, making her one of the very few Americans to finish on a World Championship podium.

About Jeremy’s Worlds Race

“I had a bad start which put me behind straight away, and a crash from another rider that ended up taking me down,” Jeremy says. Still, he managed to work his way through a field that was slowly narrowing down as riders suffered flats and crashes around him. “In the second lap I flatted, but after that I rode some pretty solid lap times and felt strong in the closing laps,” he explains. He finished just ahead of Kerry Werner as the second American in the race, and felt like the race went well despite a series of unfortunate events and a hard season before it. Ultimately, he says, “I was happy with, it felt like small progress, but still far from perfect.”

About Ellen’s Race to Second

“It was always my dream to create a program that helped riders reach their dreams, with more ease and more opportunities than I had coming up. To watch Ellen be in the fight for the win of the women’s U23 World Championships was a big moment in my world,” Jeremy explained. “The energy that we’ve put into the JAM Fund over the past eight years has been a complete passion project and to have something that not just me, but our entire community, was able to be a part of—including those reading this—is, for me, one of the biggest achievements of my racing life.”

“The World Championships were really the ribbon around an awesome season,” Ellen added. “With the help of my amazing team, I met—and exceeded—all of my goals for the year. I feel like I had the best race of my career on Saturday, and it resulted in a silver medal. I am still smiling! Overall, the season has been so fantastic and I feel so fortunate to have has Aspire pushing me and supporting me every step of the way.”

“I’m really proud we have a World Championship result to hang our hat on with our effort to provide a better way to get to the top of the cross totum pole, but truly, without any of the results, we already had a lot to smile about,” Jeremy concluded. After a full season of amazing racing and results, it’s easy to see that the JAM Fund program works—and that Aspire Racing provides the pro platform to help riders excel. “To see the next generation coming in… It’s a different kind of happiness that just makes you feel good and look forward to what the future holds,” he adds.


What’s Next

For the season, Jeremy still has one race left in Tokyo next weekend. “Overall, as I look back, while I cannot be happy with my individual season, the seesaw is in balance for me,” Jeremy says. “Where I missed something, something else I created and executed on was happening with our team at Aspire Racing, despite my seasons misfortunes and misses. Ellen, Tom, Brandon and Molly crushed it and together we brought a lot of smiles, results and memories to the racing community this season.”

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