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Jeremy on National Championships in Hartford


The Aspire Racing team had a great time racing in a practically hometown venue for National Championships in Hartford, under an hour from their homes in Easthampton. Ellen retained her U23 Women’s National Championship title, while Jeremy’s race was marred with an early crash that landed him in 24th place.

“It was so awesome to have family  and friends there for the race in Hartford,” Jeremy said. “It’s nestled in the middle of the two places I’ve called home my whole life, and so the day was very special.”

Unfortunately, he suffered an early crash on an off-camber section, hitting his knee incredibly hard. “After about 15 minutes, I knew my day was going to be long and despite my risks, it wasn’t going to be a course that mapped to my strengths like others have in the past,” Jeremy explains. “Thursday when I pre-rode, I felt very confident in the course, although I believed the race would be tactical, and with the fast, technical course, I believed I had a good chance.”

But then, weather intervened, with a snowstorm sweeping in on Saturday morning. “With the snow, the course completely changed and I started to do my best to pick the right equipment and tires to get the best possible outcome,” he says.

The race was hard, icy and extremely technical. “After a crash in Lap 3, hitting my left knee, I was unable to walk for a little while and had to stop my race and assess my knee,” Jeremy says. “That’s not a great outcome with regards to how the day went, but I’ve trained hard into this event.”

However, his training remains and he’s optimistic about the next few weeks. “I’m looking forward to pulling out a good race on this last European trip of the season in Italy and Hoogerheide,” he adds.


Teammate Ellen Noble en route to the win.

“A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported our team this weekend!” Jeremy concluded. Stay tuned to see how the last round of European racing for the season goes.

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