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Jeremy Second in Reno at Cyclocross National Championships

Jeremy had a fantastic race at National Championships in Reno this Sunday, placing second behind longtime competitor and friend Stephen Hyde. He led through most of the race, and finished just seconds behind Hyde, only losing a few seconds to him in the second half of the final lap. Every person and media outlet in attendance has since congratulated the duo on really lighting up the race and providing some of the best cyclocross racing we’ve seen all season.

“Overall, I’m very happy: the race was an excellent place to lay down some power and showcase the hard work I did leading up to the event,” he explains. “Performing on that stage is something special, it always is. Looking back at it all, I’m blown away by the amount of comments and love I received from everyone who follows my racing. It’s been very powerful to see that.”

“I expected Stephen to be strong, Tobin as well. But I believed in my strengths and on this particular course and layout, it definitely suited my strengths as a rider,” he adds. “Overall, it was a return to some form I haven’t unlocked in some time, despite trying my best, so even though we didn’t take a win, it was a win in a lot of ways for me.”

© Wil Matthews

© Wil Matthews

“I hope we all get to race a course similar to this one at Reno CX, it was fun and challenging,” he concluded.

Teammate Spencer Petrov finished fifth in the U23 field on Sunday. Ellen Noble had an amazing ride at National Championships in Reno, Nevada, on Sunday. In her first Elite Women’s Nationals, she placed second behind 14-time National Champion Katie Compton.

© Wil Matthews

© Wil Matthews

“Nationals weekend really delivered, yet again, as one of the best race weekends of the year!” she says. “Being able to stand on the Elite podium in my first year as an elite was such an amazing feeling.”

Next up, the team heads to Europe for the last World Cup in Hoogerheide, followed by World Championships in Valkenburg.


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