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Re:Pizza Legs

Just a quick reply to my teammate Brad Huff about my other teammate Nic Sanders pizza leg syndrome, I thought I would dig up a picture I took from a while back sanersonpizzalegs.jpg It seems weird that pizza legs is just setting in now, but what happens (FROM MY UNDERSTANDING) And I don’t claim to be a Yale graduate like my teammate Bernard Van Ulden who went to Yale and was in a fraternity there. Nor do I have my masters in sports nutrition like Andy Guptill or any other degree’s for that matter. But I do know that Pizza legs can start pretty far out and it builds up toxicity, so while you initially aren’t diagnosed properly with the disease, it becomes blatantly apparent in its later stages. Our team doctor has run a simple PL or a CPLC/CPLC which is a ‘complete pizza leg count’ blood test. Typically its ran with the other main protagonist Pasta. You can in fact. Get pasta legs, thats much much less typical, it only happens on occasion to a very very small number of people. But always good to rule out if your gonna look into CPLC anyways. So from my knowledge of pizza leg syndrome, it takes at least a month to even start to feel back to normal after its starts to rear its ugly head. The Doc says the best thing you can do is 5hr rides everyday twice a day until its gone…

I’m in Philly, photo_060608_013.jpg Obviously bored, this morning Nick Riestad and I went to an elementary school to amp the kids up about the race on Sunday here in Philly. It was pretty cool. The kids made up all these chants (very creative ones) and gave Nick and I a sign that read “Bean there, Won That…” Haha, funny stuff! On the way home we stopped off in China Town Philadelphia, since the school was right there anyways. We got some good eats, saw these craps photo_060608_009.jpg who were pretty pissed to be in that bucket, and I ate some soup at 11am, photo_060608_008.jpg you cannot get soup legs, impossible in this country. luckily.


  1. Amen to that. I’ve seen the legs that come from pizza. I’ve also seen the look of utter disgust and disappointment that comes from Jpows when the pizza is about to be ingested…not something to battle with.

  2. I thought Van Ulden told me he was in a soroity.
    The alpha Ze Delta gals.

  3. this is actually true. More about Bernards Sorority in my next post…

  4. that’s a really funny story about pizza legs…..not being a pro cyclist myself, I would think that with all those 5 hr. rides twice/day you could eat MORE pizza but apparently not. Guess that’s why you guys are all so lean and mean!